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In August every candle you buy gets you a chance to win money for your favorite charity. We'll donate 10% of sales all month

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Our Mission

Discover a Silver Eagle

Here at the candle shop, we want to help educate people on real money. The value of silver holds while the value of fiat/paper currencies crumble. That's why every Scent Savers 16 oz soy wax candle comes with a real silver coin. Some even have an American Silver Eagle!

Natural, Quality Ingredients

Not only do we use natural soy wax, but Scent Savers candles are also scented with essential oils. Essential oils are derived from different parts of plants, each with a unique aroma and health benefit. Discover your favorite today!

We also use recycled paper from a local developmental disabilities workshop for our packaging.

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Every candle we sell, we donate $1 to the Aubrey Rose Foundation which helps children get the care they need. 

Don't burn your cash with those other candles, buy one from us, and as always we'll give you a candle with Real Money, a silver coin 'treasure' inside each candle. 


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Scent Savers LLC

Bellville, Ohio 44813, United States



Our return policy is simple, if you are not satisfied with our product at anytime, email us at and we'll gladly refund you in full or send you a replacement product, please allow for 2-4 days for refunding and allow for 4-10 days for replacing product depending on shipping lead times. 

Our privacy policy is simple too, we love the 4th amendment, which is essentially the right to be left alone, we will maintain your privacy, your information will not be shared.

Our terms and conditions are simple and honest too, we are trading 16 ounce candles with a silver coin prize plus shipping for your Federal Reserve Notes in the form of credit, paypal, or exchanged for bitcoin. We will give you a candle, there will be a silver coin inside, there will not be a fountain of youth or the meaning of life inside. Candles are burned with fire, fire burns things, do not burn things and blame us, blame the guy or gal that invited fire.